【AL】 74-year-old Leeds woman swindled out of $35,000; police recover money, trying to ID suspect – Alabama News

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A 74-year-old Leeds woman was scammed out of $35,000, but police said they recovered all the woman’s money.

The investigation began Sept. 9, when the woman reported that someone called her and accused her of a crime. The suspect told her she would have to mail $20,000 to a location in New York.

The victim went to the bank and mailed the money overnight.

Police Chief Paul Irwin said the suspect called back and told her he had not received it. He told her that she would need to wire him $15,000 to a Bank of America account, which she did.

The victim told someone else about what happened, and they told her to call police.

The cash delivery was stopped, Irwin said. Det. James Butterbrodt contacted the Bank of America and froze the account to which the $15,000 was being sent.

Investigators obtained a search warrant and Bank of America is return a check to the Leeds Police Department as a refund of the wire transfer for the victim.

Irwin said detectives at the Cayuga Heights Police Department to identify and prosecute the person responsible for the crime.

“The elderly in our country are constantly being targeted by people in their own family and across the world,’’ Irwin said.

The chief lauded the detective for getting back the victim’s money.

“She was swindled out of $35,000 in a short period of time and not for his immediate actions, this money would not have been recovered,’’ he said. “This is a large amount of money and most citizens have worked their entire life to be able to retire and survive. This is despicable.

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