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It’s hurricane season, and Ginger Zee has no time for trolls.

But “Good Morning America’s” chief meteorologist managed to carve a few minutes from her busy storm chasing schedule to respond to one social media user on Friday.

The 41-year-old California native decided to clap back at one of her online haters who Tweeted that Zee dressed “like a retired stripper turned streetwalker.”

OK, so the keyboard warrior with the handle @ Lyons has exactly zero followers and is following zero people so we are not sure this rude bot/person even exists.

Regardless. Zee took offense (and revenge) by posting a pic of herself in a conservative outfit of a cardigan and pencil skirt.

“I have been missing these harsh disses on Twitter lately,” the TV star joked, along with Lyons’ screenshot. “Thank you for the smile. Now, in this storyline you’ve invented, when was my turn to streetwalker? And how did I get into the GMA studios? If this is what a stripper turned prostitute wears … I’m out of the loop.”

Commenters applauded her response.

“Maybe they think you had to turn tricks to pay for your Masters degree,” posted a fan. “It’s hard to be brilliant, classy and beautiful.”

That was then and this is now. The mother of two is currently out of the “GMA” studio, in Florida, tracking Hurricane Ian.

For this intrepid adventure, Zee showed her 2.2 million followers that she is in Englewood, wearing an ABC News baseball cap, rain slicker and — probably — some sensible footwear.

Folks are still boarding up their businesses in that Sarasota County town, she said.

“Can clearly see the eye of hurricane #Ian now on the Key West Radar,” the reporter tweeted with an ominous image. “In the 2 p.m. update, forward motion was still north at 10 mph. Tonight. it will start edging northeast as impacts grow and we watch for a landfall tomorrow.”

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