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A picture of a sickly looking fox spotted in Mountain Brook that has made the rounds on social media has raised concerns among neighbors.

“I saw this sick fox on [Overhill Road] near Watkins Road today,” Virginia Karle posted to the What’s Happening in Mountain Brook page on Facebook last week.

The photo had several hundred reactions and nearly 100 comments as of Monday as residents urged their neighbors to avoid the animal.

“We called Animal Control to report it but it’s behaving oddly so please be careful until someone can get the fox,” wrote Mary Katherine Bridges.

AL.com reached out to Animal Control and the Greater Birmingham Human Society but efforts were unsuccessful.

It remained unclear whether the fox had been captured or if a diagnosis was made.

Several Facebook commenters surmised that the fox had a case of mange.

“Do not get near, probably needs wildlife rescue for help. Looks mange or something,” wrote Janet Collinge Williamson.

“It will not kill it but it can spread so, if you want to do the most humane thing then get some Bravecto from your vet & set it out when you see it. It’s an edible tablet that is yummy for animals,” added Casey Sandkuhl.

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