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Downtown Salt Lake City

Downtown Salt Lake City


The NBA brings its weekend long celebration of All Stars to Salt Lake City, Utah. Some might not think of Salt Lake City as a place with an abundance of Black residents, but there are plenty of opportunities to patronize and support Black businesses and restaurants. Below is a list of a few selected locations to stop by whether you are out there for skiing or the Slam Dunk Contest.

1. Horn of Africa – Serving authentic Somali and East African foods, stop by for goat, lamb, tasty sambusa and more.

2. MNM SKIN – Skin care is health care. From facials, waxes and chemical peeling, get pampered at this studio owned by a Ugandan and Sudanese Black woman.

3. Lit Mercantile – Keep the self care going, by visiting this store specializing in Men’s grooming products.

4. Default Happiness – Calling all sneakerheads, this shop customizes sneakers for style and performance. Owned by a former BYU basketball player, patrons can also grab some athletic gear.

5. Joe’s Cafe – Located about 38 minutes south of Salt Lake City, This eatery states,“With our sweet grits and biscuits & gravy, you will experience breakfast with a southern twist.”

6. Miss Essie’s – Miss Essie’s Southern BBQ brand is built on keeping authentic home cooked southern cuisine alive

7. Eat’s Bakery – Don’t forget to satisfy that sweet tooth with these plant-based vegan treats, using simple & organic ingredients.

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