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SANTA CLARA  — Here’s what we learned, what we heard and what comes next after the Rams’ 24-9 road loss to the San Francisco 49ers dropped their record to 2-2 overall and 1-1 in the NFC West:


The Rams’ defense had issues with 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel, but they also had issues with one another on the sideline.

The ESPN broadcast caught outside linebackers Justin Hollins and Takk McKinley engaged in a heated argument that required teammates to intervene.

“Just a disagreement,” Hollins said after the loss. “Heat-of-the-moment type stuff. Nothing crazy. Just a disagreement between two men. That’s about it.”

The Rams’ linebackers cleared the air, but they never had answers for Samuel, who had six catches for 115 yards, including a 57-yard touchdown that included multiple missed tackles by the Rams.

Rams middle linebacker Bobby Wagner also expressed frustrations, but he took some of his out on a fan who ran across the field with a pink smoke bomb in his hand during the second quarter.

“Just keeping it safe,” Wagner said about leveling the fan with a well-placed shoulder. “You don’t know what that fan got or don’t. You see it all the time. You don’t know what they can do, what’s in their pockets. Whatever that little smoke stuff is. It can be dangerous.

“I was frustrated, so I took it out on him.”


Rams coach Sean McVay said the handful of injuries on the offensive line weren’t to blame for the offensive struggles against the 49ers’ stout defense.

McVay pointed to missed assignments by players before taking the blame as the head coach.

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