【CA】 I was startled to hear she tells people she’s in love with me – California News

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Dear Amy: I’m a middle-aged man. My sister who lives out of state and stays in touch with hometown friends connected me with one of her friends,  “Susan,” who needed help with a minor home repair.

I did this for her, and we discussed a future flooring project. Due to her budget constraints I suggested that we could do the flooring job together (I was mildly interested in her).

I thought that maybe I creeped her out, because I never heard from her again.

Fast-forward two years. I connected with a woman on a dating app who is friends with both my sister and Susan.

The new woman, “Jill,” told me on our first date that she and Susan are lifelong friends and that Susan had told her that she was in love with me from our first meeting, two years ago.

All without me ever knowing!

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