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Most of the high school Scholar-Athlete-Leader’s who are being honored on Sunday got their beginning in a community youth football league or a Pop Warner League and the Chapter understands the importance of recognizing a youth coach for their time, effort and dedication.

The Chapter also understands the need to acknowledge those youth players that are working diligently to become the next group of Scholar-Athlete-Leader’s.

Mike Rowan, of the Hopewell Valley Pop Warner League, will be the recipient of the Contribution to Youth Football Award.

Cooper Briehler, of the Hopewell Valley/Robbinsville Pop Warner, is the Delaware Valley Chapter’s Little Scholar.

The awards ceremony will been held on March 12th, at the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal and will begin a 3 p.m.

The Foundation and it’s sponsors honor high school football players from 21 schools in Burlington, Hunterdon, Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties as well as a Scholar-Athlete-Leader from Princeton University and The College of New Jersey.

Tickets are $75.00 and can be purchased by contacting Steve Tuckerson, Dinner Chair at delval.nffhf@gmail.com

A player will be chosen for the $ 5,000.00 Jack Stephen Scholarship, one for the $2,500.00 Ron Rick Sr. Scholarship, the $2000.00 Ed Cook Scholarship and the Delaware Valley Chapter Scholarship is for $1,500.00.

The remaining Scholar-Athletes will all receive a $1,000.00 scholarship.

The 21 players nominated are, Parker Schloss (Allentown), Michael Poinsett (Bordentown), Luke Skinner (Florence), Walter Cordero (Hamilton), Brianna Saragih (Hightstown), David Ellis (Hopewell Valley), Dante Barone (Hun), Graham Walter (Lawrence), Peyton Cosover (Lawrenceville Prep), Devin Kimmick (New Egypt), Derek Vaddis (North Hunterdon), Jedaiah Carrette (Nottingham), Daniel Gredell (Peddie), Tyler Bock (Pennington), Jake Richter (Princeton), Tyler DelGrande (Robbinsville), Colin James (Steinert), Naysr Ingram-McWhite (Trenton) and Manidhar Yeluri (WW-P).

These players are being recognized for so much more than their football ability, it’s recognizes the achievements in the classroom, their leadership qualities as well as their community involvement.

The other awards the Chapter will bestow will be to Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes (Robert F. Casciola Distinguished American), the Bordentown Military Institute (George O’Gorman Contribution to Amateur Football), North Hunterdon’s Kevin Kley (Hank Johns Coach Award), Cooper Briehler, of the Hopewell Valley/Robbinsville Pop Warner (Delaware Valley Little Scholar), Fernando Santana, of SONJ (Eunice Shriver Champion Award), Bill Quirk, the longtime Hun Athletic Director (Nick Gusz Good Guy Award) and Sean Miller, of the Times of Trenton (Tony Persichilli Meritorious Service Award)

The Judge Arthur Lane Princeton University-Scholar-Leader-Athlete is Carter Christopher and the Earl H. Dean The College of New Jersey Scholar-Leader-Athlete is Joey Bellamy.

Mike Rowan in the Contributor to Youth Football Award winner.
Mike Rowan in the Contributor to Youth Football Award winner.

Mike Rowan has been around the game a long time from his days as youngster right through college at Princeton University.

“I love the sport and wanted to teach it to kids, and I also viewed it as a way to get involved in my community,’’ said Rowan. “I coached for one year in West Windsor where I lived at the time.  I then moved to Hopewell and started coaching there in 2011, and I have been with Hopewell youth football ever since.  During that time, I have coached every level from 4-6 flag to tackle for 14 year old’s.  When I first arrived, Hopewell was in Burlington County Pop Warner and then we moved to West Jersey.  After about two years with Hopewell, I was put on the Board and after about another year, I was voted as President.  I have retained that position ever since.’’

The president’s job is never and easy one, you are the first to arrive and the last to leave and that’s even on days when there is no game.

Like every league they could use more help, but Rowan is oh so grateful for the dedicated staff he has pitching in to help.

Rowan’s desire as a president and a coach is to teach the kids nothing comes easy and hard work is the key, make the players understands that it’s not a team or a league it’s a family and he reminds them school come first.

A huge part of the is about fundamentals and safety. If fundamental’s are applied it goes a long way toward increasing safety and one of the longest and loudest teaching moments is about sportsmanship.

Rowan is a very worthy honoree.

Cooper Briehler is so much more than a 14-year old football player.

He is an accomplished musician playing the piano, guitar and he’s a pretty good vocalist too.

Briehler is a gold medal swimmer, he has been a quarterback, linebacker, wide receiver and running back in Hopewell Valley and Robbinsville.

What makes him standout is his character and dedication. This season he suffered a fractured foot, but never missed a practice to game to be there for his team.
“I think the best way I have heard someone describe Cooper Briehler is that “He listens with his eyes and speaks with his actions,” recalled Morgan Cozze, Timberlake Middle School Trainer. “Cooper leads by example and can provide constructive criticism for his teammates. He understands the meaning of a team and that the only way to progress is doing it together. He wants to see everyone succeed, he pushes his teammates to work hard by providing encouragement and motivation when needed and keeps his teammates on task and focused. He does not let his emotions get the better of him, if he disagrees or feels there has been misjudgment, you could not tell by watching him. He maintains a strong demeanor and pushes forward to succeed.’’

He brings that same passion and determination to the classroom. He has maintained an ‘A’ average through middle school.

“I have had the opportunity to get to know him and what an intelligent and affable young man he is,’’ said Jamie Adler, Language Arts Teacher. “A true testament to Cooper’s character is the respect he shows to teachers regardless of the behaviors around him. He is always focused and an interactive member of the lessons. His achievement matches his efforts, as he earns A’s and has qualified to move into an Honors English class next year. One of the most enjoyable things about Cooper is his sense of humor; he appropriately interacts with dry and witty commentary.’’

He has taken his personality to in many directions and another is to bring a smile to the less fortunate serving at the Trenton Soup Kitchen.

Coop[er Briehler is a young man with a bright future and a fitting Little Scholar.

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