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CHERRY HILL – Eight Lenape Regional High School District wrestlers qualified for the state championships with their top 4 finishes at the NJSIAA Region 7 tournament at Cherry Hill East High School.

Moving on to the state tournament in Atlantic City from the Lenape district are Cherokee sophomore Jason Brown (138; 2nd, 24-10 record) and junior John Hangey (175; 3rd, 28-11), Lenape senior Ty Smith (175; 2nd, 24-6), Seneca senior Jackson Bauer (106; 3rd, 36-5) and Shawnee sophomore Jordan Segal (106; 4th, 33-7), sophomore Luke Sherlock (113; 2nd, 35-5), senior Ethan Staples (120; 4th, 34-8) and senior Jackson Harris (285; 3rd, 32-9).

Team Results: 1-Southern Regional 287.5. 2-Camden Catholic 178. 3-Donovan Catholic 88. 4-Paulsboro 62.5. 5-Shawnee 61.5. 6-Gloucester City 54. 7-Cherokee 49.5. 8-Lacey Township 48. 9-Highland/Triton 47. 10-Audubon 46. 11-Seneca 44. 12-Cherry Hill West 43.5. 13-Toms River East 42. 14-Delran 37.5. 15-Cinnaminson 37. 16-Moorestown 35. 17-West Deptford 34. 18-Manchester Township 31. 19-Lenape 25. 20-Haddonfield 20. 21-Central Regional 17. 22-Rancocas Valley 15. 23-Toms River South 14. 24-Burlington Township 12. 24-Haddon Township 12. 26-Holy Cross Prep 10. 27-Cherry Hill East 9. 28-Maple Shade 8. 29-Pemberton 4. 30-Collingswood 2.

106 Division – Places: 1-Anthony Mason, Southern Regional freshman, 32-8 record. 2-Lazarus Joyce, Camden Catholic freshman, 12-7. 3-Jackson Bauer, Seneca senior, 36-5. 4-Jordan Segal, Shawnee freshman, 33-7. 5-Michael Lamb, Haddonfield freshman, 31-3. 6-Bence Bagameri, Haddon Township freshman, 27-11. 1st Place Match: Mason md. Joyce 8-0. 3rd Place Match: Bauer d. Segal 7-5. 5th Place Match: Lamb md. Bagameri 11-3.

113 Division – Places: 1-Kurt Wehner, Donovan Catholic junior, 28-4 record. 2-Luke Sherlock, Shawnee sophomore, 35-5. 3-Hayden Holmes, Paulsboro sophomore, 34-6. 4-Dom Digiacomo, Camden Catholic sophomore, 24-10. 5-Anthony Cook, Burlington Township junior, 33-4. 6- Attila Vigilante, Southern Regional freshman, 22-8. 1st Place Match: Wehner over Sherlock SV-1 4-2. 3rd Place Match: Holmes d. Digiacomo 6-4. 5th Place Match: Cook d. Vigilante 6-3.

120 Division – Places: 1-Sammy Spaulding, Camden Catholic freshman, 30-3 record. 2-Dezmond Lenaghan, Donovan Catholic sophomore, 20-8. 3-Scottie Sari, Southern Regional sophomore, 30-9. 4-Ethan Staples, Shawnee senior, 34-8. 5-Owen Kulb, Highland/Triton sophomore, 38-4. 6-Aundre Hill, Paulsboro sophomore, 22-7.v1st Place Match: Spaulding d. Lenaghan 6-5). 3rd Place Match: Sari won by forfeit over Staples. 5th Place Match: Kulb p. Hill 3:07.

126 Division – Places: 1-Jackson Young, Camden Catholic junior, 32-4 record. 2-Conor Collins, Southern Regional senior, 31-5. 3-Sawyer Ostroff, Donovan Catholic junior, 24-5. 4-Logan Sichelstiel, Paulsboro junior, 34-7. 5-Dylan Vallone, Cinnaminson sophomore, 30-7. 6-Lucas Lapinski, Cherokee junior, 21-14.1st Place Match: Young d. Collins 3-2. 3rd Place Match: Ostroff d. Sichelstiel 3-1. 5th Place Match: Vallone won by forfeit over Lapinski.

132 Division – Places: 1-Wyatt Stout, Southern Regional sophomore, 30-7 record. 2-Kage Jones, Camden Catholic freshman, 27-3. 3-Chase Bish, Paulsboro junior, 36-5. 4-Aidan Ott, Lacey Township senior, 27-9. 5-Kristian Lenny, Cherry Hill West junior, 31-13. 6-Daniel Bogardus, Seneca sophomore, 35-5. 1st Place Match: Stout over Jones SV-1 6-4. 3rd Place Match: Bish d. Ott 11-4. 5th Place Match: Lenny over Bogardus SV-1 12-10.

138 Division – Places: 1-Wayne Rold, Camden Catholic senior, 32-5 record. 2-Jason Brown, Cherokee sophomore, 24-10. 3-Ryan Schimpf, Cherry Hill West senior, 38-6. 4-Richard Davis, Donovan Catholic senior, 24-11. 5-Alex Hurly, Haddonfield senior, 32-4. 6-Patrick Ghegan, Cinnaminson senior, 32-10. 1st Place Match: Rold d. Brown 3-2. 3rd Place Match: Schimpf d. Davis 3-1. 5th Place Match: Hurly d. Ghegan 10-4.

144 Division – Places: 1-Jacob Zearfoss, Gloucester City junior, 41-1 record. 2-Hayden Hochstrasser, Southern Regional sophomore, 29-9. 3-Michael Craft, Camden Catholic freshman, 30-6. 4-Renaldo King, Rancocas Valley senior, 14-4. 5-Matt Gauthier, Lacey Township junior, 32-4. 6-Thomas Kaliamouris, Maple Shade senior, 22-6. 1st Place Match: Zearfoss d. Hochstrasser 4-3. 3rd Place Match: Craft won by forfeit over King. 5th Place Match: Gauthier md. Kaliamouris 9-1.

150 Division – Places: 1-Matt Henrich, Southern Regional junior, 35-3 record. 2-Drew Roskos, Delran junior, 38-3. 3-Roman Onorato, Paulsboro junior, 36-6. 4-Jason Chiodi, Gloucester City junior, 31-13. 5-Josiah Canales, Cherry Hill West junior, 34-9. 6-Caden Langan, Toms River South sophomore, 30-10. 1st Place Match: Henrich over Roskos UTB 4-3. 3rd Place Match: Onorato p. Chiodi :19. 5th Place Match: Canales won by forfeit over Langan.

157 Division – Places: 1-Austin Craft, Camden Catholic junior, 20-3 record. 2-Nicholas Delorenzo, Toms River East senior, 28-3. 3-Nick Bennet, Southern Regional senior, 28-4. 4-Grady Keebler, Moorestown junior, 34-8. 5-Kyle Stickel, Seneca junior, 29-14. 6-Jordan Suiter, Highland/Triton junior, 32-10. 1st Place Match: Craft md. Delorenzo 14-6. 3rd Place Match: Bennet p. Keebler 1:01. 5th Place Match: Stickel d. Suiter 7-2.

165 Division – Places: 1-Cole Velardi, Southern Regional senior, 31-4 record. 2-Kaleb Wright, Gloucester City junior, 38-3. 3-Luke Theis, Delran senior, 39-2. 4-Isaiah Ruiz, Cinnaminson senior, 35-7. 5-Terry Terch, Camden Catholic freshman, 18-11. 6-Joshua Wilkins, Holy Cross Prep junior, 29-9. 1st Place Match: Velardi p. Wright 1:27. 3rd Place Match: Theis d. Ruiz 2-1. 5th Place Match: Terch p. Wilkins 1:08.

175 Division – Places: 1-Mitch Bivona, Southern Regional junior, 24-9 record. 2-Ty Smith, Lenape senior, 24-6. 3-John Hangey, Cherokee junior, 28-11. 4-Andrew Tighe, West Deptford junior, 25-17. 5-Dante Mortellite, Manchester Township sophomore, 22-13. 6-Maurice Sample, Cherry Hill East senior, 27-6. 1st Place Match: Bivona d. Smith 6-4. 3rd Place Match: Hangey p. Tighe 3:58. 5th Place Match: Mortellite won by forfeit over Sample.

190 Division – Places: 1-Collin French, Southern Regional junior, 27-7 record. 2-Cole DuBois, West Deptford senior, 39-3. 3-Sam Myers, Audubon junior, 34-8. 4-Matt Coon, Lacey Township senior, 36-5. 5-Calvin Spicer, Manchester Township senior, 10-6. 6-Anthony Horiates, Cherry Hill West senior, 36-7. 1st Place Match: French d. DuBois 5-4. 3rd Place Match: Myers p. Coon 3:47. 5th Place Match: Spicer d. Horiates 6-3.

215 Division – Places: 1-Riley O’Boyle, Southern Regional senior, 32-5 record. 2-James Lynch, Toms River East sophomore, 28-4. 3-Jonathan Graham, Highland/Triton senior, 28-3. 4-Cosmo Zaccaro, Central Regional senior, 29-10. 5-Zach Cowchok, Moorestown senior, 25-10. 6-JoNathan Valentin, Cherry Hill West junior, 28-15. 1st Place Match: O’Boyle p. Lynch 1:43. 3rd Place Match: Graham d. Zaccaro 10-4. 5th Place Match: Cowchok d. Valentin 9-3.

285 Division – Places: 1-Scott Lynch, Audubon senior, 36-2 record. 2-Anthony Evangelista, Southern Regional senior, 25-9. 3-Jackson Harris, Shawnee senior, 32-9. 4-Sam Rock, Donovan Catholic junior, 23-10 5-Michael Justo Bautista, Manchester Township senior, 30-8. 6-William Taylor, Highland/Triton junior, 35-8. 1st Place Match: Lynch d. Evangelista 7-1. 3rd Place Match: Harris p. Rock 1:51. 5th Place Match: Bautista d. Taylor 4-2.

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