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A request for votes or financial support to secure three bicycles for local youth in the Great Bike Giveaway, became the Great Love Offering.

One day after a – article asked local readers and residents to help in the acquisition of bikes specifically adapted for three students, Dior, Bryanna and Jermaine, at Mercer Elementary School via on-line voting, wonderful responses followed.

Yes, people voted while others made monetary donations to forego popularity and get right down to the business of bikes. On Tuesday, a friend donated $500 toward the cause before a Friday event confirmed beliefs that putting children first will activate our best efforts.

On Friday, a couple strolled into Mercer Elementary School and ended the Great Bike Giveaway for the Mercer County Special Services School District students with one stroke of penmanship. Per Mercer Elementary School personnel.

“They just walked into the office with the – article in hand and said, “We’d like to pay the balance for the bikes,” staff confirmed. At least two of the bikes need adaptation for special needs children with a cost of nearly $5,000. Adaptive cycles are bikes that are modified to fit the needs of an individual rider.

The pair refused any media attention although some MES staff members thanked the couple repeatedly and, yes, some cried. It’s amazing how the kindness of humans can bring us to tears.

That’s the Trenton and Mercer County wished for here, an understanding that our future success as a society demands extraordinary efforts and acts of grand love without the need to expand egos. A wonderful initiative in recovery implores people to move away from self-promotion.

One recovery goal notes, ‘Just for today I will do somebody a good turn and not get found out. If anybody knows of it, it will not count.’ Of course, most good deeds receive recognition by those on the acceptance end of philanthropy.

Most gift giving, a check written out for a local charity; a donation of clothing; volunteering for say, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, etc. attracts attention. Ego disconnection requires a personal effort to refrain from boasting about our contributions. Let someone else talk about your good deeds.

The idea that most good deeds go unpunished, ranks as absurd commentary although acts of kindness occasionally backfire on those who offer them. Most people who help others for right reasons enjoy the benefits of outreach. If you need recognition for letting another driver into traffic or holding the door for someone, then rethink your act of generosity.

By the way, monetary contributions rank as relative. If a person or couple with $10,000 gives $1,000 toward a specific cause while another with $1,000 donates $100, both donations register as similar transactions. So, thanks to all who made a contribution to secure bicycles for our children Dior, Bryanna, and Jermaine.

Look at that, we have three new members of our Mercer County family. Our mission here remains to build a larger and unbreakable social sphere.

The aforementioned – article pitched a belief that residents can build strong communities through collaboration without the involvement of politicians.

Many situations in life disconnect from political affiliations as being human and socially engaged trumps identifications of Republican, Democrat or Independent. And, when we work together in support of children, advocate for their education, opportunity and safety, then society improves.

So, let’s attempt to accomplish one agenda together as MES hopes to gain three bicycles for students in this year’s Great Bike Giveaway. No doubts here that Mercer County residents would have delivered the most votes for Dior, Bryanna and Jermaine. Instead, they accomplished the goal via other means. Mission accomplished.

What’s next here? A project that will not require money or voting. Stay tuned if you can contribute just one hour of your life to improve Planet Earth.

L.A. Parker is a – columnist. Find him on Twitter @LAParker6 or email him at LAParker@-.com.

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