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Takeaways from the Trenton Guatemalan Parade and Independence Celebration.

1. The College of New Jersey Bonner students should not be allowed participation if they are revved by Red Bull, 5-hour energy drinks or other caffeine stimulants.

Wait. What? Their behaviors and energy levels were all natural? Well then, kudos for delivering tremendous participation through the streets of Trenton.

Appreciation already exists for contributions these students make in the capital city and elsewhere. Every parade should extend an invitation to these students.

Keep coming back. And, Sam Kanig, the guy driving their van and important in the educational transformation of numerous TCNJ students, a constant appreciation exists here for your sense of community, sense of self, and personal responsibility.

2. Guatemalan event organizers wrapped a fence around Unity Square Park and with good cause.

Several years back, numerous guests carried in their own coolers packed with alcoholic beverages. Not this time.

Thousands of dollars were spent on the fence which allowed organizers to control who entered.

A beer area allowed for sales to be regulated. Great idea.

(L.A. Parker/The -) Trash was plentiful after the parade, but cleaned up in a timely manner.
(L.A. Parker/The -) Trash was plentiful after the parade, but cleaned up in a timely manner.

3. As usual, trash represented a serious problem. Incredibly large crowds dropped debris up and down Hamilton Ave., a major thoroughfare for the parade.

Receptacles overflowed with trash and garbage hugged street corner curbs.

Still, city workers handled their business and the area looked impressive by noon.

4. That sign — Stop The City Sex Trade (Latinas No Son Esclavos) translated to Latina (females) Are Not Slaves. Made here, the sign brought attention to the city’s serious sex trafficking issue that impacts Latinas.

Amazingly, many parade participants and guests stopped for photos of the sign while others used it as their prop.

City and Mercer County officials must take on this extremely serious issue. This situation moves beyond politics, it must become a personal concern.

5. Finally, thanks to Estuardo Arrielo, president of Guatemalan Merchants Association of Mercer County, Elmer Sandoval, president of Guatemala Civic Association and all those who made this a special event.

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