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Now that we’re on the midway mark for the primary season of “House of the Dragon,” the sequence has proven us what it could do.

Let’s simply say episode 5, “We Light the Way,” goes the additional mile.

Allow us to rely the methods.

1. Dramatic royal wedding ceremony

2. One other Red Wedding … which is de facto the unique Red Wedding, it seems

3. Green wedding ceremony

4. “The Departed” rat

5. A brand new Varys

6. Rejection-induced poisonous masculinity explosion (therefore, Red Wedding)

7. New nemeses

8. Targaryen hairstyles attain lofty heights

9. Uxoricide (that’s when somebody kills their spouse)

10. Dramatic late entrances to an essential occasion (the marriage celebration)

We all know weddings in Westeros are fraught affairs, particularly in the event that they’re occurring in any form of seat of energy or fortress, not to mention King’s Touchdown.

However with the entire joyous feasting and toasting occurring, we may be forgiven for nearly being satisfied that “House of the Dragon” would provide a peaceable wedding ceremony.

Alas, the nuptials of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock) and her cousin Ser Laenor Valaryon (she’s moved up on this planet of incest!) are shades of the Red Wedding from “Game of Thrones.”

House of the Dragon episode 5

Alicent’s inexperienced second declares a brand new section of her queendom: conflict. The unique Red Wedding turns into the Green Wedding.Ollie Upton | HBO

No, the physique rely will not be almost as excessive, however sure, it’s lots bloody.

Apart from the thick crowd being a whole COVID hazard, dialog about bed room secrets and techniques and palace intrigue turns into weaponized within the palms of some well-placed people with a number of axes to grind.

Alicent’s second. Has. Arrived.

You actually thought she would simply maintain forgiving folks and turning the opposite cheek?

Oh no. She’s within the inexperienced now.

Alicent Hightower (Emily Carey) walks in late to the pre-wedding festivities carrying a inexperienced gown and a newfound sense of function.

Out within the crowd, Larys Robust (Matthew Needham) explains the importance of the colour.

Robust, son of Lord Lyonel Robust (Gavin Spokes), new hand of the king, is positioned as one thing of a brand new Varys.

In Oldtown, Alicent’s previous house — house to a “high tower” fortress with a lighthouse — a inexperienced beacon means conflict, he says.

The queen consort’s tardy entrance is a beacon, all proper. When it catches the attention of her husband King Viserys (Paddy Considine), interrupting his speech concerning the nuptials, it’s like a scene from a horror film. He freezes as if somebody has plunged a dagger into his chest.

His spouse is now absolutely emboldened to consider that her good friend Rhaenyra straight-up lied to her about her “virtue.” Keep in mind, this is identical lie that acquired her expensive previous dad, Otto Hightower, unceremoniously ousted as hand of the king final episode.

Viserys will not be feeling too sizzling to start with, although, and his nostril begins dripping blood in all places.

House of the Dragon episode 5

The marriage week … earlier than all of it falls aside.Ollie Upton | HBO

What’s fairly hilarious is that the topic of Rhaenyra’s alleged lie, rascal Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith), thought he would crash the social gathering by strutting in after the groom. Actually, he’s extra like a facet act. Alicent’s huge present, which arrives after the supposed “bad boy” of the Targaryens, obliterates the reminiscence of his insouciance. The king’s obedient, dutiful spouse has began to cross him, and proper when loss of life could also be close to.

That is the form of scene that will get memed to loss of life, with numerous songs utilized for the needle drop. The queen consort is coming into her personal and the timing couldn’t be higher (for her). Because the ailing king’s physique breaks down, we begin to see allegiances shift extra concretely towards Rhaenyra.

Together with his best-laid succession plans weak to assault, Viserys begins the episode dashing off to Driftwood to see Lord Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint). He must seal the deal for marriage between their offspring, who performed collectively as youngsters. Due to latest occasions, he must make a grand overture to get it achieved.

His personal cousin Rhaenys (Eve Finest), the Sea Snake’s spouse and The Queen Who By no means Was, thinks it silly and fairly beneath him to return all this manner in stormy seas (good energy play from Corlys, not going exterior to greet him). Viserys is coughing up gosh is aware of what when he will get there. As if the sores throughout his physique from the stabby throne weren’t sufficient of an issue.

However succession is all the time on his thoughts, and he must lock in his bloodline earlier than it’s too late.

The wedding of Rhaenyra and Laenor (Theo Nate) will “strengthen the bond” between their homes, but additionally pacify Corlys after Viserys rejected his supply to marry his daughter Laena when she was 12 (in favor of Alicent). Pacifying Corlys isn’t simply good for inner Targaryen diplomacy (Rhaenys is already a Targaryen, linking the homes by marriage) — it’s good for defenses and the dominion’s fleet. Corlys is the Sea Snake, and whichever method he turns, his ships will comply with.

House of the Dragon episode 5

Rhaenys has seen all of it earlier than — which is why the royal marriage scares her a lot.Ollie Upton | HBO

Corlys and Rhaenys have some situations, although. They wish to be assured of the succession — that his grandkids will probably be first in line for the throne. However they (primarily Corlys) additionally need their youngsters to be Velaryons, not Targaryens, in identify, as per patriarchal custom.

“Surely, Lord Corlys, you are not proposing the Targaryen dynasty end with my daughter simply because she is a woman,” Viserys says in a uncommon second of readability.

Sure, the grandkids can carry the identify Velaryon, he permits, however ought to one assume the throne, they are going to be a Targaryen king, not a Velaryon one.

Rhaenyra has a proposal of her personal for her cousin Laenor, who’s homosexual: Let’s do our obligation in getting married, then reside our personal lives. The open marriage idea is enticing to each of them. Rhaenyra has Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) as her lover and Laenor has Ser Joffrey Lonmouth (Solly McLeod).

For a short shining second, the joyful compromise sees Rhaneyra and the incoming king consort able to method this marriage like a enjoyable sport to be performed collectively, as a staff.

That’s how you realize the pact goes to crumble — it’s too good to be true. However the velocity with which their fledgling association comes aside appears excessive, even for Westeros.

Rhaenys has her reservations. Sure, the cousins are an ideal match to all who matter, however the proximity to the throne makes her uneasy. She ought to know. When she was youthful, she acquired shut sufficient to be wounded by its prickly swords within the type of a really public rejection.

House of the Dragon episode 5

Rhaenyra tells her cousin and husband-to-be Laenor that they will work this marriage to serve their shared curiosity: being with different folks.Ollie Upton | HBO

“We are placing our son in danger,” Rhaenys tells Corlys. If anybody mounts a problem to Rhaenyra, each Laenor and their future grandchildren will change into targets. However Corlys is a proud man, and he desires justice for his spouse’s stolen crown. Why can’t he let it go, Rhaenys asks — she has.

The harmful satisfaction of males particularly is a theme that cuts like a dagger by this episode.

Exhibit A: Criston.

It’s all the time the “nice” guys!

Earlier than she takes the plunge with Laenor, Rhaenyra’s trusted protector and secret lover presents her an alternate proposal.

“In Essos, you could marry me,” Criston says with coronary heart emojis in his eyes. “A marriage for love, not for the realm.”

Criston is critical. He’s additionally fairly delusional. Not as a result of he thinks an inheritor to the Iron Throne will go away all of it behind to go be his spouse and journey the world. As a result of he is aware of Rhaenyra, or ought to.

And whereas Rhaenyra could scoff at a few of her duties, she is not somebody who would skip city fairly than attend her coronation. She has a shot at turning into the primary Targaryen queen — she’s not about to offer it up.

When Rhaenyra means that they proceed their secret association as a substitute, Criston reveals his true colours.

“So you want me to be your whore,” he seethes.


The worst factor about this, as we see later, is that Criston doesn’t launch all of his unhealthy blood and wounded satisfaction when he lashes out at Rhaenyra for following her marriage script. He leaves some bottled up beneath excessive strain. And that may of poisonous masculinity is shaken! Solely it’s a sword and he’s doing the slicing.

Cue the unique Red Wedding, this one almost two centuries earlier than the Starks are slaughtered on the wedding ceremony of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey (2013, for our functions).

On this case, Ser Joffrey Lonmouth is the harmless sufferer. In approaching Criston, he needs to toast their mutually helpful secret association as a fellow secret lover of a royal. Joffrey desires to brag however nobody advised him Criston wouldn’t be cool with the entire thing — not to mention all murdery about it.

The reality is, Rhaenyra didn’t see the hazard in any respect, and he or she finally ends up uncovered, too, out within the melee of the panicked crowd. In any case, Criston was purported to be her protector. She positively wants one other a type of proper about now.

We are able to solely surmise that possibly as a result of Joffrey isn’t straight, and possibly as a result of he merely dared to talk of the association Criston loathes, he additional wounds the knight’s fragile masculinity, inflicting him to fly off the deal with.

After the rejection by Rhaenyra, Joffrey appears to threaten Criston’s sexual energy simply by … current. It’s fairly scary, and wow, did we not get a lot of a warning!

The vicious response of Rhaenyra’s confidant can also be an overcorrection of a strong girl being accountable for intercourse and and a relationship. Their liaison began as a result of she initiated it. Criston, beforehand joyful to be deferential, all of the sudden doesn’t wish to be caught out on the flawed facet of the ability dynamic.

House of the Dragon episode 5

The king’s promised seven days of tourneys and feasting change into a rushed ceremony after chaos consumes the marriage.Ollie Upton | HBO

He feels impotent in a couple of method. He’s sworn his life to Rhaenyra and the kingsguard — when she doesn’t reciprocate his treasured little dream of escape, he takes it because the cruelest minimize of all.

So when Alicent summons Criston to quiz him about Rhaenyra, he’s nonetheless intensely centered on how harm he’s, sufficient to unwisely wag his tongue about their secret. He thinks he’s caught. He even pleads for loss of life as a substitute of torture.

However that’s not even what Alicent introduced him there for — she wished to learn about Daemon and Rhaenyra. She had no concept about Criston. Go on to knight jail.

To see the wheels handing over Alicent’s head, the shock spiraling in waves throughout her face, is to see an origin story for a nemesis who holds the ability to blow up the Targaryen dynasty from the within. There’s motive for her to avoid wasting Criston from a loss of life by his personal blade, even after his murderous episode. She’s constructing a coalition.

It’s no surprise Viserys does away with the deliberate week of wedding ceremony feasting and tourneys. He has Laenor and Rhaenyra married immediately, a defensive transfer towards chaos.

House of the Dragon

On Targaryen Airways, your seat comes with one marriage to your cousin.Ollie Upton | HBO

Daemon has been constructed up as a menace to the crown for a lot of the season, however on this episode, the “good guys” present out as unhealthy guys. Alicent and Criston have been activated, and the way.

After all, Daemon remains to be doing as he pleases. Viserys quietly stews from afar as his brother makes one other play for Rhaenyra in public, at her personal wedding ceremony festivities — her platinum hair piled atop her head in jeweled braids for the event. It’s not one thing a dying king desires to see from his brother, however discretion was by no means Daemon’s factor.

For comedian reduction, although, look to Viserys’ face when he hears Daemon’s spouse has died in an unlucky “hunting accident.”

The king is the one who despatched his brother again to the Vale after his little tour with Rhaenyra exterior the Red Preserve. He doesn’t should say a phrase to relay his perception that Daemon acted because the poor girl’s executioner.

Really, it’s a disgrace that Daemon’s spouse, Rhea Royce (Rachel Redford), doesn’t get to stay round previous her fast introduction.

Rhea simply places the Targaryen punk in his place. No less than she will get just a few good digs in earlier than studying he intends to make a play for Rhaenyra, which suggests he’ll should make Rhea go away for good. She realizes she’s a goner in all of an immediate, transferring dramatically from informal insults to a glance of utter terror.

When Rhea’s cousin, in attendance on the wedding ceremony social gathering, overtly accuses Daemon of slaughtering her, he responds not simply with brazen nonchalance however a menace to take Runestone, House Royce’s fortress, for his personal (they didn’t have youngsters … or consummate their marriage … so he claims he’s the inheritor).

Daemon really is the worst. And never in a hidden, Criston method — Daemon’s unhealthy tendencies and popularity precede him.

House of the Dragon

Laenor’s mom actually does know what she’s speaking about. He is solely simply arrived in King’s Touchdown and he is already misplaced a lot.Ollie Upton | HBO

Nonetheless, the cellphone name is coming from inside the home, and that doesn’t imply Daemon. He’s the satan Viserys already is aware of.

When Alicent will get far more than she bargained for out of Criston, her allegiance to Rhaenyra instantly melts away.

Her father Otto can’t persuade her that her son Aegon is a greater decide for the throne, however a revelation from a beginner turns her head.

Larys introduces himself to Alicent with a invaluable piece of gossip — Rhaenyra was delivered particular “tea” to alleviate her of any undesirable penalties of intercourse. The medicinal assist arrived on the request of the crown.

Alicent’s thought course of is clear: not solely was she deceived by Rhaenyra, she was additionally deceived by her husband.

As Viserys sits there sweating, being “leeched” in a futile try to revive his well being, he wonders what they’ll say about him when the histories are written. He regrets he hasn’t been “tested.”

Rhaenyra doesn’t have that downside.

You’ll be able to virtually hear Otto Hightower’s phrases taking part in again in Alicent’s thoughts:

“The time is coming, Alicent.”

A conflict is sure to occur if Rhaenyra stays inheritor, he says. Aegon and her youngsters will all the time be in peril. It’s time to place her son ahead as inheritor.

A “Departed”-style rat skitters by to feast on the pooled remainders of this Red Wedding, in case you didn’t get the message.

House of the Dragon” airs 9 p.m. ET Sundays on HBO and HBO Max.

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