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Just give Aaron Judge whatever he wants.

At least that’s what Rays star pitcher Tyler Glasnow says, echoing the sentiment of just about every Yankees fan as Judge’s free agency looms at the end of the regular season.


“With him,” Glasnow said on Jomboy Media’s The Chris Rose Rotation on Monday, “it’s like, ‘This is my contract year. I feel good, I know what I’m worth.’ And then he goes out and does this? I think that speaks on his mentally. If I’m another team, it’s like this dude is built a bit different. I think he’s worth the money. I think it’s obviously scary giving someone that large with a history of injuries and stuff, I think that can be a little weird. But he’s worth every penny. That guy should make however much — they should give him a blank check. He’s a freak. Good defender. Phenomenal teammate. Phenomenal person. And he’s amazing. I think he’s everything. I don’t know. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime type player. You kind of have to pay him. I don’t know what the whole situation is, I don’t know if he wants to go somewhere else. If you’re the Yankees, just give him the money. Are you serious?”

If anybody deserves a huge payday, it’s Judge, who seems the favorite to be the American League MVP.

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Judge has clubbed 59 home runs, putting him two shy of the franchise record Roger Maris set in 1961 and that stood as the all-time home run record until 1998.

He’s also hit .316 with 127 RBI and 16 stolen bases in 142 games — mostly playing center field.

Still, Glasnow said he wouldn’t pitch around Judge in the playoffs.

“I still think — what is he hitting, .300-something now?” Glasnow said. “You still have seven out of 10 chances to get him out. I know that he’s hot and there’s some damage but I don’t think I would. I think the only time I would pitch around someone is if it came from the dugout and there was situation where there’s an open base and you want to have some sort of force play somewhere, but I don’t think I would ever pitch around him. I think good pitching for the most part beats good hitting. I think there’s obviously a chance something bad could happen, but I’m not going to — it would depend on the situation. If there were some guys on, but if no one’s on, I would never probably pitch around anyone. If there’s no one one especially.”

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