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If you ever wanted to know what’s in your baby’s poop, Trenton’s Terracycle can now provide you with the answer.

The company has introduced the “tiniest Biome,” a new service that evaluates the microbial content of a baby’s pooped-upon diaper. Parents are then given simple recommendations on nutrition, physical activities, and skin health that can help influence the first few years of microbiome development and help set up a baby’s wellness for life.

“TerraCycle is continuously working to develop new and innovative ways to work with waste,” said TerraCycle Founder and CEO, Tom Szaky, in a press release. “Where others see garbage that has reached the end of its life, we see opportunities. tiniest Biome is an example of that. It’s a service that takes one of the most quintessential waste items — poopy diapers — and explores the microbial ecosystem in the stool sample to help parents set their babies up for a lifetime of wellness.”

tiniest Biome™ is available to parents throughout the contiguous United States, excluding New York and Delaware. To learn more about the service, visit tiniestbiome.com and take the quiz to learn more about your child’s microbiome development.

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