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TRENTON – Mayor Reed Gusciora announced progress is being made at Trenton Water Works to manage Legionella, a naturally occurring bacteria existing in streams and rivers. Including the neighboring Delaware River.

“I want to reassure our customers, the general public, government officials, and stakeholders that TWW is working diligently and cooperatively with state and local officials and sharing sample and testing data to manage Legionella in the TWW system,” said Mayor Gusciora in a statement. “TWW will provide weekly updates of this work on its website by the close of business each Friday. The general public is encouraged to review the information at trentonwaterworks.org.”

According to Mayor Gusciora, TWW has worked with the New Jersey Department of Health and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection on Legionella analysis and mitigation for more than two years.

During this span, TWW has sampled and tested for the bacteria throughout its five-municipality system and shared their findings with state officials. Sampling stations have been installed at key parts of TWW’S water distribution system to help facilitate more tests.

TWW has aggressively flushed water mains in its distribution system to eliminate biofilm and tuberculation, reducing the concentration of Legionella by 30 percent, as observed during the retesting of water samples. The department is preparing to launch millions of dollars in capital work related to Legionella, improving overall water quality and system integrity.

Next month, personnel will complete a low-velocity water main flushing plan developed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the federal Environmental Protection Agency to raise the chlorine residual in parts of TWW’s 683-mile water distribution system. This will help control bacteria growth.

In May, TWW will clean and line 2.25 miles of tuberculated 4 to 8-inch diameter water mains in the Liberty/Sykes area of Hamilton Township, a $2.7-million project. This critical work will address Legionella issues in the local area.

The department also seeks approval for $20.3 in funding to clean and line water mains in the distribution system to reduce the growth of Legionella bacteria.

Gusciora appointed Steven J. Picco to oversee TWW’s response to the bacteria and to be a liaison with state regulators, elected and appointed officials, and service-area mayors. Picco is a former assistant commissioner at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and a former interim director of Trenton Water Works.

“Steve is an accomplished public servant whose keen knowledge of water systems and the water-industry regulatory framework will help strengthen TWW’s existing leadership and provide critical counsel on Legionella and other issues,” Mayor Gusciora said in the statement.

Starting Friday, April 7, for TWW weekly updates on its Legionella mitigation and general information about Legionnaires disease, visit trentonwaterworks.org.

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