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PRINCETON – Former Philadelphia Eagles superstar Troy Vincent Sr. will be the recipient of the Barbara Boggs Sigmund Award from Womenspace.

Vincent will be honored for his dedication to preventing abuse within the home and on the field during the 27th annual award dinner at the Westin Princeton on May 4 at 5:30 p.m.

“It is indeed humbling to be the recipient of the 2023 Barbara Boggs Sigmund Award,” Vincent Sr. said in a press release. “Its significance and legacy represent decades of dedication to end domestic violence and sexual assault. Turning pain into purpose is an example of how one voice can grow to be amplified on behalf of millions, and it’s a reminder that violence against women and young girls is our issue.”

A former Eagles cornerback and Trenton native, Vincent is also a Hall of Famer and EVP of Football Operations at the NFL. Being directly affected by domestic violence, both Vincent and his wife Tommi share a passion and commitment to advocating for violence-free homes and communities. They serve through visiting shelters, speaking to advocacy groups, and encouraging others to act to end domestic violence and sexual assault. In addition, nearly 20 years ago in their hometown of Trenton, Troy and Tommi founded the Love Thy Neighbor foundation. A humanitarian effort defined by giving back and empowering the lives of others, the Vincent’s have since expanded their work to neighborhoods throughout the nation.

Named after the former Mayor of Princeton and a founder of Womanspace, the Barbara Boggs Sigmund Award Dinner honors a survivor, advocate, and trailblazer who made real difference in the lives of survivors.

For sponsorship opportunities, donations, tickets, and more visit www.womanspace.org. The proceeds from this event go to providing services for men, women, and children effected by domestic or sexual violence.

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