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Trenton police officers may have found two men shot outside a South Trenton bar late Friday evening but videos obtained by The Trenton show a different reality.

At least one victim appears to have suffered his gunshot wound inside the GT 502 Bar & Lounge as several people attempted emergency procedures. The 10:40 p.m. incident produced a hectic scene as people helped one man flat on his back on the barroom floor with his shirt pulled up around his bloody chest.

Several people tended to his wounds and at one point a person received a small towel that one person pressed against the wound. The short video shows a bar stool and chair with a shiny tiled floor underneath, certainly different from the concrete sidewalk where police allegedly discovered both victims.

A second video shows what looks like the same man lying outside the bar when police arrive. His bloody shirt had been pulled down and covered his chest.

As police and emergency medical personnel attended to the victim a small group surrounded the downed man. One police officers asks, “You don’t know how he got hurt?” A bystander responded, “No, no. What happened?”

First and foremost, Harold Rosario, 19, of Trenton died later at a city hospital while a 28-year-old man remains hospitalized, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office said.

Sources told The – both men had been inside GT 502. An argument ensued as a third male left the bar. He allegedly returned minutes later and opened fire.

As police responded, persons likely moved the body outside to deflect an investigation and to prevent inquiries that could result in significant fines, even closure.

While official reports accurately noted the victims were found outside GT 502 Bar, they were likely shot inside the lounge.

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