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One student suffered a medical emergency after another Trenton Central High School day ended with a melee on Chambers St.

The Friday afternoon fight on a street being made infamous for student uproar and heavy police responses left a male motionless against a curb. And for one moment the prediction of Yarissa Roldan seemed plausible.

(Submitted photo)This unidentified male needed police and medical attention following fight outside Trenton Central High School.
(Submitted photo)This unidentified male needed police and medical attention following fight outside Trenton Central High School.

“Nothing’s going to be done until somebody gets killed in that school,” Roldan warned last December after her daughter suffered a brutal blindsided attack that rendered her unconscious. The 10th grader had her head slammed against a floor.

A female classmate lost clumps of hair pulled out from the roots. Both needed emergency care at Capital Health Regional Medical Center.

This latest brawl, like many others, had video confirmation as students recorded the fight outside Trenton High. Numerous males exchanged punches and kicks. Book bags and clothing were strewn on Chambers.

When the crowd cleared, the young man lay motionless as a Mercer County Sheriff’s Department officer and Trenton Police Department officer administered care. Initial reports said the boy pugilist suffered a seizure.

Roldan ruffled feathers during a January Capital City Area Black Caucus meeting when she refuted comments made by Superintendent James Earle who alleged victims of violence received counseling and support.

Roldan said her daughter had received no such help. Instead, the distraught mother praised police Director Steven Wilson who had overseen a police initiative to identify and charge her daughter’s attacker. Still, those students returned to campus while Roldan’s daughter was exiled.

“My daughter has not returned to Trenton High since the attack. And, she will not return,” Roldan assured. “We have requested Trenton officials make a way for (her) to attend a different school district because she still receives threats. We’ve been told that that’s impossible. So, my daughter continues her education online.”

Online education for the victim while the alleged attackers flit through Trenton High hallways sounds absolutely ridiculous. The Roldan child misses out on socialization, education with peers, tennis and swimming because mean girls avoid extraction from campus.

A meeting with Roldan and her daughter moved from a McDonald’s near Trenton High to a Lawrence Twp. fast food restaurant because the mother expressed fear they might cross paths with adversaries.

The daughter played recorded messages that threaten bodily harm. One inquires whether the teen is “Ready for that Round II.” Another challenges the student to “call the police on me again” and face the consequences of (Roldan) “getting her ass beat again.”

If not for the December attack, perhaps school officials’ assurances that the words represented teenage banter (just girls talking) could be accepted. Man, that’s not teen girl talk. That’s future correctional facility speak.

The Roldan girl still receives treatment for a concussion, plus, she visits a chiropractor for her back injury.

Roldan has continued to press for initiatives to quell violence throughout the city school district. While past episodes featured incidents between Black and Latino students, increasingly disputes identify fights with “Puerto Ricans, Guatemalans, Dominicans, whatever,” Roldan said.

“Or, it’s about height, weight, looks, color of skin. Everybody needs to stop.”

Roldan thanked citizens who have rallied in support of her family and others being challenged by bullying. Incredibly, her young son faces a bully at the Darlene McKnight Elementary School.

“Many of these incidents rarely make the news but we’ve had some very violent events — a boy attacked by a group of people at Ninth Grade Academy, another boy attacked with a baseball bat, my daughter and her classmate beaten, a Ninth Grade Academy student stabbed to death,” Roldan said.

“All this violence and we hear almost nothing from Superintendent Earle. Nothing from Mayor (Reed) Gusciora. Whether they stand with us or not, we intend to continue this fight because students should feel safe at school.”

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