🔥🔥 Letters to the Editor — March 11, 2023

The Issue: Mayor Adams’ call for store owners to make customers take off their masks before entry.

Does Mayor Adams honestly believe this fantasy that a rule against wearing a face mask while entering a store will stop robbery and the potential harm or death of a bodega worker (“Adams: Unmask thieves,” March 7)?

Do the powers that be honestly believe a potentially violent perpetrator will adhere to the no-face-mask request?

Until laws are changed and criminals prosecuted and sentenced, things will only get worse, and more poor souls will be lost.

Edith Cardaci

Secaucus, NJ

I wonder why, with all the knowledge we now have on the lack of effectiveness of wearing masks, anyone would choose to wear one.

Studies have shown that mask mandates have almost no effect on whether more people will come down with a respiratory disease.

Someone, especially a younger person, who attempts to enter a business wearing a mask should be viewed with suspicion and barred from entry.

I’ve noticed that very few people wear masks, but then again I live and shop in an area with few Democrats.

Bill Isler

Floral Park

So the light has been shed on mask-wearing criminals here in New York City. There are robberies in the street, in jewelry stores and bodegas.

Of course, the pandemic had people wearing masks for a couple of years. But now criminals use it as excuse to not be identified while committing a crime. It’s about time that wearing a mask into a store, especially a high-end business, is stopped.

In the subways or the streets, mask-wearing criminals will prey on honest, hardworking people. At night it’s worse.

It should raise red flags when a suspicious person enters a store or is walking the street in the dead of night wearing a mask. Time to put an end to it.

Joseph Comperchio


What a dumb thing for Mayor Adams to say, that shoppers going into stores should take off their masks.

This will cause real trouble. People wear masks to protect themselves from different viruses and the flu, so you could be affecting their health. Some may be upset with store owners. Fights will break out. People will get hurt. Mr. Mayor, use some common sense.

Jimmy Durda

The Bronx

The Issue: Erica Herman’s lawsuit against Tiger Woods after he locked her out of the house they shared.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall, as they say (“Tiger by the Tale,” March 9).

Is anyone actually surprised that Tiger Woods has shown less-than-gallant behavior, yet again? The classic narcissist has simply followed his natural pattern.

As if Erica Herman didn’t know that loyalty wasn’t a personality trait of Tiger. Perhaps she should have had a chat with his ex-wife before submitting to his charms — or just Googled him.

A tale as old as time: He has lots of money and talent, but he’s simply all about himself. Erica outlived her usefulness and now wants her pound of flesh.

Erica, wake up. It’s a male-dominated world. But don’t worry: Karma comes for them all in the end.

Betsy Flor

Putnam Valley

No matter how many times we find out what a miserable human being Woods is, he will continue to be treated with kid gloves by the golf media.

Guaranteed we will be forced to hear “Tiger this, Tiger that” at the upcoming Masters. Tournament leaders will be ignored while we will watch every Woods shot.

This man is a loser who has treated the women in his life, including the mother of his children, like garbage.

Joe Nugent

Staten Island

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