🔥🔥 Letters to the Editor — March 12, 2023

Letters to the Editor — March 12, 2023

Mexico kidnapping

The abduction and death of two Americans close to our border should have resulted in a swift and significant response by our inconsequential president (“Killing field of the cartels,” March 9).

But we must face reality. This spineless person who was principally elected to protect his nation’s citizens refuses to react to the murder of thousands of Americans dying from Chinese and Mexican fentanyl. Do we expect him to care about just two more?

It’s time for Congress to intervene and tell Mexico that the terror must stop now.

Anthony Bruno, Smithtown

Climate hysteria

My first introduction to apocalyptic predictions happened in high school, when I learned about the Thomas Robert Malthus theory that food output could not keep pace with population growth (“Unsettled Science,” Editorial, March 6).

Next in my education came Rachel Carson, who wrote about the dangers of using pesticides in her 1962 book “Silent Spring.” While she makes some important points, it is now 61 years later, and pesticides have not destroyed the earth.

The 1980s brought hysteria over acid rain, which many feared was destroying freshwater lakes and the environment. Today we are dealing with fears over global warming.

As The Post editorial points out, despite all the fear-mongering and dire projections, the effect of global warming on the environment has been minimal, and none of the dire predictions made by celebrities and political activists have come to pass.

Just like all the past projections of mass annihilation, this one will soon be forgotten. But not before it has done much damage to our economic well-being and burdened many with unnecessary fear and anxiety.

André Montero, Brooklyn

Horse race perks

The project to modernize Belmont Park has repeatedly been mischaracterized and unfairly criticized in the pages of The Post (“Burning Public Cash on NY’s Tracks,” Editorial, Feb. 27).

These attacks couldn’t be further from the truth — and they discount the incredible opportunity the sport provides for people like me across the state.

I am a single mom who has worked in horse racing for four decades. Thanks to the well-paying jobs supported by this sport, I was able to raise my son, put him through college and graduate school and fulfill my dream of homeownership.

Modernizing Belmont Park would safeguard and strengthen horse racing in New York for generations to come, ensuring there are more well-paying jobs for New Yorkers like me. It’s downright offensive that The Post would attack a sport like this and discount jobs that support families across the state.

I know I speak for myself and the thousands of New Yorkers who rely on horse racing for their livelihood — from blacksmiths to exercise riders to grooms to union carpenters, electricians, and more — when I urge our leaders in Albany to support the Belmont modernization project.

Dionne Johnson, Business Manager, New York Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association, Valley Stream

Restaurant mob

The mean mob that destroyed the Fish Village restaurant while hiding their faces with hoodies and masks must be arrested and sent to jail, even if they are teens (“Qns. trash mob,” March 8).

Our weak, soft-on-crime city and state officials must change the laws around age, so that these punks learn a lesson.

Who is going to put hard-earned money into opening a small business in New York if our lawmakers themselves are blind to lawlessness?

Kevin O’Leary, Kew Gardens

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