🔥🔥 PA woman severely burned 10-month-old English bulldog pup with blowtorch: police

Spunky, a 10-month-old English bulldog, was cruelly burned throughout her body.

A Pennsylvania woman was arrested after she severely burned her disabled boyfriend’s 10-month-old English bulldog puppy with a blowtorch, according to police.

Jamie Wade, who had suffered a brain injury and received his beloved “Spunky” as a therapy dog, came home Monday to find the poor pooch in distress and covered in burns, WTAE reported.

Wade’s friends rushed the dog to a veterinarian, where she was placed in an oxygen tank.

His live-in girlfriend, Brianne Venneri, 23, was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police on Thursday and charged with felony animal cruelty after she allegedly tortured the poor dog by burning the pup across her body — including her genital area, inside her ears, inside her mouth, and stomach.

Spunky was given to Jamie Wade as a therapy dog after he suffered a brain injury and was put on disability.

“There are cigarette burns all over her body. There are cigarette burns in her mouth, in her ears,” Wade told the news outlet.

Wade had previously reported to police that Venneri abused his puppy.

Wade’s friends have launched a GoFundMe to help cover Spunky’s medical costs after they were given a bill totaling over $9,000.

Spunky, a 10-month-old English bulldog, was cruelly burned throughout her body.
Venneri allegedlt burned the inside of Spunky’s mouth and ears with a blowtorch.

The puppy is receiving treatment at the Cheat Lake Animal Hospital in West Virginia.

“She is on oxygen, an IV, pain meds, and catheter because she has blood in the urine,” according to a post on the fundraiser. “She could possibly even have to have surgery to repair her private area. “

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