🔥🔥 Video shows man attacked by neighbors over NYC parking spot

A woman attacks the 28-year-old victim with a baseball bat in the street.

Two people were caught on video unleashing a brutal road-rage attack on a neighbor in Queens after a dispute over a parking spot — leaving the man with brain damage and on a ventilator, authorities said Monday.

Arturo Cuevas, 30, and 27-year-old Daisy Barrera could be seen in footage obtained by The Post allegedly pummeling the 28-year-old victim with a baseball bat just before 4 p.m. Friday on 49th Street near 47th Avenue in Sunnyside, according to police. 

Barrera and Cuevas had an ongoing parking dispute with the man and decided to launch their attack when they spotted him in the street — leaving him in critical condition on a ventilator.

The vicious duo could be seen striking him with a bat repeatedly. The victim was also stabbed five times “throughout the body” during the broad-daylight attack. 

The sickening clip shows the man and woman attacking the 28-year-old victim while he was already down in the street.

The 10-second clip begins with the victim already splayed on the ground in the middle of the street, with blood spatter next to him.  

A man is shown kicking him in the back and in the head just before a woman wallops him in the head with the bat. 

“Oh my God, stop!” someone can be heard yelling. 

Two other women stand nearby. One other person is only partially seen in the frame. 

The assault continued as the victim lay in the street with a pool of blood next to him.
Daisy Barrera, 27, and Arturo Cuevas, 30, were arrested and charged in connection to the attack.

The victim then rolls over onto his stomach — but that doesn’t stop the male attacker from getting in his face again, pointing an object at him and striking him with it just before the video cuts off. 

He was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center, where he had severe brain trauma that required surgery, cops said. 

Following his arrest, Cuevas confessed to cops, telling them, “It was me,” according to the criminal complaint against him.

“I told you it was me already. I already told you that I’m the one that did it,” he allegedly told officers.

The male suspect appears to strike the vicim with an object.
The broad-daylight attack stemmed from a long-running parking dispute, cops said.

He also admitted that he “punched, kicked, stabbed, slashed with a knife and hit with a baseball bat” the victim before bringing the weapons back home, the complaint states.

“I took the bat and knife and brought them to my apartment and they are in my room,” he said, even specifying the brand of bat, according to the charging document.

Barrera and Cuevas were each charged with attempted murder in the second degree, assault in the first degree, and assault in the second degree, cops said.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz called the attack “shocking.”

“This shocking display of brutality will be met with justice,” Katz said. “We have charged with attempted murder and given the viciousness of the attack, asked the court to keep the defendants in custody prior to trial.”

The request to remand the two suspects to jail was granted, she said. Their next court date is March 23.

Cuevas was previously charged with assault and harassment for allegedly pulling a 27-year-old man out of his car and punching him repeatedly in the face with brass knuckles on April 4, 2022, an NYPD spokesman said.   

Then, on April 11, he allegedly struck a 41-year-old man and a 46-year-old woman in the face for unknown reasons, cops said. Again, he was charged with assault and harassment.

It’s unclear if or how those cases were resolved.

Barrera has no prior arrests.

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