🔥 Dick Van Dyke injured in Malibu car accident amid L.A. rain

Dick Van Dyke injured in Malibu car accident amid L.A. rain

Dick Van Dyke sustained “minor injuries” in a Malibu car accident last week amid an ongoing downpour in Los Angeles County, police confirmed Wednesday to CNN.

The 97-year-old actor crashed his silver Lexus into a gate last Wednesday morning, a law enforcement spokesperson told CNN. According to TMZ, the “Mary Poppins” star was bleeding from the nose and mouth and possibly suffered a concussion in the collision.

The screen icon did not go to the hospital after paramedics treated him at the scene, TMZ reported Wednesday. Van Dyke reportedly told responding officers that he lost control of his car and skidded into the gate. The streets of Los Angeles have been especially slick in recent weeks amid heavy, near-constant rain.

TMZ also reported that police filed a request to the California Department of Motor Vehicles for Van Dyke to retake a driving test, partially because of his age. Van Dyke was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the time of the collision, reports said.

Representatives for Van Dyke, law enforcement authorities and the California DMV did not immediately respond Wednesday to inquiries from The Times.

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