🔥 Immigration poll surveys the lives of American immigrants


Sept. 17, 2023 4 AM PT

The national debate over immigration has raged for decades but often ignores the lives of actual immigrants. Drawing on an unprecedented poll, this series tells the stories of immigrants in America today — roughly 1 in 6 adult Americans — portraying the diversity of immigrant experiences and putting their voices in the foreground.

Project credits

Reporters: Brittny Mejia, Jeong Park, Jack Herrera, Tyrone Beason, Gustavo Arellano, Karen Garcia, Jon Healey
Art Direction: Joy Park
Design: Joy Park, Alex Tatusian
Illustration Art Direction: Patrick Hruby
Illustrations: Patrick Hruby, Ana Serrano, Marisol Ortega
Motion design: Jess Hutchison
Photographers: Irfan Khan, Dania Maxwell, Brittainy Newman
Photo Editor: Keith Bedford
Graphics: Hanna Sender, Abhinanda Bhattacharyya, Vanessa Martinez, George LeVines
Audience engagement: Samantha Melbourneweaver
Video: J.R. Lizzaraga
Spanish translation: Maria Antonieta Gutierrez
Editor: David Lauter
Additional editing: Matt Ballinger
Additional digital help: Beto Alvarez, Clint Fisher


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