🔥 Strong wind expected in L.A. County on Sunday; more rain coming

Strong wind expected in L.A. County on Sunday; more rain coming

Strong wind conditions across Los Angeles County are expected to continue until late Sunday night, as the region braces for more rain this week, according to forecasters.

The 15- to 25-mph winds are being caused by high atmospheric pressure in the north meeting low pressure in the south, said Rose Schoenfeld, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

“Tomorrow morning we’ll get a southeast Santa Ana” wind flow, she said, “but there are no fire concerns.”

Winds will be more pronounced in the San Fernando Valley and the Inland Empire than in the Los Angeles Basin, Schoenfeld said. Santa Ana breezes will last until Monday evening, she said.

Temperatures will range from the mid- to low 40s to the high 60s over the next few days, according to the weather service.

Rain is expected to roll in again late Tuesday evening and continue until Thursday, but the storm won’t be as bad as last week’s. Schoenfeld expects a half to three-quarters of an inch of rain, compared with the two to three inches seen in the most recent storm.

The precipitation will be cold, though, with snow at higher elevations such as the Grapevine pass.

The rain is expected to clear out Thursday afternoon, Schoenfeld said, before uttering words many have been hoping to hear: “There’s no other rain in the forecast.”

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