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Mosquitoes have to feed on blood in an effort to reproduce. However how do they select whom to feed on? boonchai wedmakawand/Second through GettyImages

It’s uncommon to attend an outside celebration in heat climate with out listening to folks complain about mosquitoes. They swat away, sit in campfire smoke, cowl up with blankets and finally simply quit and go indoors. On the opposite finish of the spectrum, there are many individuals who don’t appear bothered by mosquitoes within the slightest.

As a medical entomologist who’s labored with mosquitoes for greater than 40 years, I’m usually requested why some folks appear to be mosquito magnets whereas others are oblivious to those blood-feeding pests buzzing throughout them.

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Most mosquito species, together with a number of different arthropods — together with ticks, fleas, bedbugs, blackflies, horseflies and biting midges — require the protein in blood to develop a batch of eggs. Solely the feminine mosquito feeds on blood. Males feed on plant nectar, which they convert to power for flight.

Blood-feeding is an extremely essential a part of the mosquito’s reproductive cycle. Due to this, an amazing quantity of evolutionary strain has been positioned on feminine mosquitoes to determine potential sources of blood, shortly and effectively get a full blood meal, after which stealthily depart the unfortunate sufferer. For those who test some, or all, of the mosquito’s search containers, then you might discover that you’re a mosquito magnet.

This video by Deep Look explains a few of the methods mosquitoes feed on blood.

Sensing CO2 and scent indicators

Relying on when through the day they’re energetic, mosquitoes use sight, sound and olfactory cues to determine a possible supply of blood. Most night-active species depend on olfactory or receptor cues. A very powerful chemical cue is the carbon dioxide that every one vertebrates, together with people, launch with every breath and thru their pores and skin.

Mosquitoes are very delicate to CO2 and might sense a CO2 supply that’s many meters away. Receptor cells on the mosquito’s antennae and legs bind CO2 molecules and ship {an electrical} sign to the mind. When extra molecules hit their receptors, the upper the CO2 focus and the nearer they’re to the host.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of nonliving carbon dioxide sources comparable to automobiles, boats, planes and trains. To separate dwelling from nonliving sources of CO2, mosquitoes depend on the secondary olfactory cues that dwelling animals produce. Metabolic processes like respiratory and transferring generate these scent cues, together with lactic acid, ammonia and fatty acids that act as further olfactory clues that assist feminine mosquitoes zero in on their subsequent blood meal.

So, carbon dioxide manufacturing is the primary mark of a mosquito magnet. As a result of the manufacturing of CO2 and secondary attractants is linked to metabolic fee, the upper the metabolic fee, the extra attractants are produced. Metabolic fee may be genetically decided, nevertheless it additionally will increase as the results of bodily exercise.

The human mosquito magnets you’ll be able to spot at summer time events might have a genetically excessive metabolic fee or could also be extra bodily energetic than different attendees. They might even be endeavor different actions that improve their metabolic fee, such because the consumption of alcohol. Elevated metabolic fee is why runners entice extra mosquitoes throughout their cooldown stretching workout routines. Pregnant ladies, maybe attributable to their elevated metabolic fee, entice a disproportionately giant variety of mosquitoes as nicely.

This video by Enterprise Insider explains a few of the elements that may make a mosquito magnet.

Pure physique odors are additionally essential cues utilized by mosquitoes to pick out a number. For instance, some species of Anopheles mosquitoes are drawn to particular elements of foot odor. These mosquitoes transmit human malaria and feed indoors in the course of the evening. By feeding on a sleeping individual’s toes, the mosquitoes keep away from the top, the place a lot of the CO2 is produced, and cut back the possibility of waking the sufferer.

Visible cues

Mosquitoes energetic through the day and at daybreak and nightfall additionally use visible indicators to determine a number. Mosquitoes normally fly near the bottom. From this vantage level they view their potential hosts towards the horizon. Darkish colours stand out and light-weight colours mix in, so the way in which an individual is dressed will decide the variety of mosquitoes they entice. Carrying lighter colours might not simply assist preserve you cool, however will enable you evade a mosquito’s discover.

Mosquitoes can visually detect movement, once more by contrasting a silhouette towards the horizon. Because of this individuals who stroll close to a saltmarsh in the course of the day after a big emergence of saltmarsh mosquitoes are inundated by mosquitoes that visually detect their presence.

Psychological elements

There may be additionally a psychological element to mosquito exercise. Some folks merely don’t discover the mosquitoes round them. A single mosquito flying round some folks will elicit a robust response — you’ve in all probability seen somebody go nuts attempting to trace down the droning sound of 1 mosquito in an effort to end off the tiny bloodsucker.

Different people will not be bothered and don’t discover the mosquitoes which might be drawn to them, even when the bugs are feasting on their blood. Some mosquitoes specialize on feeding on components of the physique which might be troublesome to see and troublesome to swat. For instance, Aedes aegypti is a mosquito species that prefers to feed on people, largely across the ankles.

Whether or not or not you’re a mosquito magnet, their bites really feel simply as itchy!

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